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The research professor in large carnivore ecology leads and develops the large carnivore monitoring and research in the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

The research professor in large carnivore ecology leads and develops the large carnivore monitoring and research in the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). The professorship focuses on the population and community ecology, behaviour, and sustainable management of the wolf, brown bear, wolverine and Eurasian lynx and their interactions with prey species in Northern Europe. The specific aim is to produce advanced science-based knowledge to support sustainable population management of large carnivore species as part of diverse boreal and subarctic species communities, population abundance estimation, and provide science-based advice for mitigating large carnivore-human conflicts. The person nominated for the position is expected to actively develop ambitious policy-relevant basic and applied research projects, initiate and lead interdisciplinary large-scale research projects, and procure long-term broad-based national and international research funding. The successful candidate will also take actively part in national discussion and be active in international networks.

Our expectations of the applicant

The research professor (tenure track: associate or full professor) is required to have a doctoral degree in ecology, preferably in animal/wildlife/population ecology, or wildlife management. A high-quality, scholarly wide research portfolio and scientific publication record in basic and applied ecology, and good methodological skills in modern field techniques and statistical methodology are essential. Extensive research experience with vertebrate wildlife species is expected. Established knowledge of boreal ecosystem functioning, predator-prey interactions, large carnivore ecology, population genetics, population modelling, monitoring techniques and abundance estimation, human-wildlife conflicts, and acquaintance with wildlife and habitats legislation are regarded as advantages for the candidate.

The position requires excellent problem-solving skills, oral and written communication in English, demonstrated motivation for scientific co-operation and academic leadership and supervision skills, proven capacity and credentials to apply for and merits of acquiring competitive national and international research funding, and the capacity for collaboration and knowledge exchange with different stakeholders, including the Finnish government, wildlife management officials, hunter and conservation organizations and the media.

We expect the selected candidate to lead and develop interdisciplinary research in large carnivore ecology and management, build a strong research project portfolio, and communicate and stimulate the use of research results by stakeholders. The research professor is expected to have established international networks and to be actively engaged in national and international collaborations as well as having a strong track record in leading and managing international research projects, acquiring international research funding and in publishing and disseminating scientific results.

Benefits Our mobile work model allows you to work in Finland in the location most appropriate for your work. In addition, we provide flexible hours, and as your employment with us continues, long vacations. We offer lunch benefits, as well as sports, culture or commuting support.

For international recruits, we provide a relocation package, which includes concrete support for coming to Finland and Luke (eg. residence permit, various registration procedures, banking and taxation, finding an apartment).

The person selected for the position might need to undergo standard security clearance vetting with the applicant’s consent (Security Clearance Act 726/2014). More detailed information on the procedure and the subject's rights is available at


Sirpa Thessler
Vice President, Natural Resources
+358 29 532 6582
Antti Asikainen
Executive Vice President, Research
+358 29 532 3250

How to apply

Primarily, we request applicants to submit their applications electronically via the service. However, you can also apply for this job by delivering your application to the Registry Office’s postal address. Both the application and the envelope must feature the ID number of the position applied for. The letter must be delivered by the end of the application period.

  • The Registry of Natural Resources Institute Finland

    Latokartanonkaari 9
    00790 Helsinki, Finland

  • Organization

    Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research organisation working to promote bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. We provide solutions and services to our customers based on best available scientific knowledge. Our research results and services generate added value and sustainability as well as scientific evidence to support decision making. We carry out research for example on forestry, agriculture, food, game, and fisheries, and perform also statutory services.

    Being open-minded and curious and having a strong will to leave a positive mark to the world binds Luke people together. Together we build a positive working culture where each other’s work is highly respected. In Luke, the work assignments are versatile and employees can influence the content of their work. We work in a mobile work culture which gives you the possibility to work from wherever in Finland it suits you the best. Luke offers a multidisciplinary international research environment with unique research infrastructures, experimental sites and well-equipped laboratories.

    Luke employs around 50 top research professors in different fields. Luke’s Professorship Policy ensures transparency, predictability and international comparability in professor recruitments. For new employees coming from abroad Luke offers relocation packages which provide remarkable help in moving to and settling in Finland. An important asset for research at Luke is the multidisciplinary, innovative and ambitious researcher community and the availability of a wide range of technical staff. Our Intercultural Community offers possibilities to share experiences and competence, and supports the development of internationality in Luke.

    Helsinki, Joensuu, Oulu, Rovaniemi

    You can work at one of our following locations

  • Helsinki
    Latokartanonkaari 9
    00790 Helsinki
  • Joensuu
    Yliopistokatu 6 b
    80100 Joensuu
  • Oulu
    Paavo Havaksen tie 3
    90570 Oulu
  • Rovaniemi
    Ounasjoentie 6
    96200 Rovaniemi
  • Visit the organisation
    Other information

    Other information related to the task

  • Other information about the job: Please attach to the application appendices written in English, and name the files as follows (max 2 MB/appendix):

    APPENDIX 1. Application letter, names and contact information of 3 referees and complete curriculum vitae (including major research funding obtained, research leadership, list of supervised PhDs and postdocs, number of peer-reviewed articles, H-index, total citations and the database used, e.g. Web of Science or Google Scholar (maximum 10 pages)

    APPENDIX 2: Complete list of publications including links to 10 selected publications most relevant for the professorship

    APPENDIX 3. Summary of research activities carried out so far, including aspects of customer interphase work; societal impact of research; dissemination of research results (maximum 2 pages)

    APPENDIX 4. Research plan for the next 5-year term, please use Luke’s research plan template at

    For further information on the recruitment and scientific evaluation of Lukes research professors, please visit
  • Employment group: Specialists
  • Remote work: Possibility to work remotely
  • About working remote: Mobile work is used at Luke. This means that work is performed where it suits best. Mobile work is only possible within Finland, and the practices of mobile work are agreed with the supervisor. We also meet regularly face-to-face.
  • Reason for a fixed-term job: Nature of work
  • More information of a fixed-term job: If the applicant has a permanent professorship at a university, she/he may be appointed to a permanent research professor position as a deviation from the fixed term appointment.
  • Working time format: Office working hours
  • Trial period: A trial period is 6 months.
  • Basis of remuneration: The position is at complexity level 12-13 in Luke's salary system and the position-specific salary is EUR 5 562,65 - 6 281,61 per month. In addition, a salary component based on personal performance will be paid (max. 50% of the position-specific salary). A new employee's personal performance component depends on competence and experience and generally falls in the range of 15-20 %. The applicant may also present a separate salary request.
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