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Research Scientist, doctoral researcher, foresight - Luonnonvarakeskus

The doctoral researcher in foresight focuses on alternative future scenarios of renewable energy and natural resources use in a systemic way. They are a part of Luke's REPower project as well as part of Luke's doctoral programme 2024-2027.

The doctoral researcher in foresight focuses on alternative future scenarios of renewable energy and natural resources use in a systemic way. Foresight brings together various future views and pathways on global, national, and regional driving forces aiming at sustainable future.

The doctoral researcher will be part of the Luke REPowerEU project and she/he will also be associated with the Luke doctoral school. The Luke REPowerEU project will focus on the scope for and impact of further investments in renewable energy, particularly solar and wind energy, to investigate costs and benefits, to assess the support among landowners and the public, and to evaluate the mitigation hierarchy to balance energy production with environmental and biodiversity targets.

An essential part of the doctoral researcher’s work will be to participate the preparation of a roadmap on emerging renewable energy systems as part of the Finnish energy system, including a depiction of various effects and impacts of the increasing growth of renewable energy use.

REPower project doctoral students positions follow two separate periods 2.5 years + 1.5 years. The first period starts on April 2024 and ends on June 30, 2026. The second period has been scheduled between July 2026 and December 2027. Mid-term performance evaluation will be done by the end of the first period. The decision for the second period continuation will be based on this evaluation.

Our expectations of the applicant

The doctoral researcher should have a master’s degree in social sciences in such fields as futures research, economics and management, political studies, or geography, and she/he must be eligible for doctoral studies. Furthermore, she/he should have an understanding of policy analysis and a good command of quantitative and qualitative foresight approaches and methods. In addition, the doctoral researcher would considerably benefit from experience on interdisciplinary approach to research and knowledge of regional policy issues and the Finnish energy system, as well as the operating logic of core societal stakeholders and interest groups. Fluent Finnish and English is an asset.

Benefits Our mobile work model allows you to work in Finland in the location most appropriate for your work. In addition, we provide flexible hours, and as your employment with us continues, long vacations. We offer lunch benefits, as well as sports, culture or commuting support.

For international recruits, we provide a relocation package, which includes concrete support for coming to Finland and Luke (eg. residence permit, various registration procedures, banking and taxation, finding an apartment).

The person selected for the position might need to undergo standard security clearance vetting with the applicant’s consent (Security Clearance Act 726/2014). More detailed information on the procedure and the subject's rights is available at


Johanna Kohl
Programme director
+358 29 532 2225
Jyrki Aakkula
Development Manager
+358 29 532 6045
Pasi Poikonen
Group Manager
+358 29 532 5188
Contact preferably by e-mail, telephone 8-16.

How to apply

Primarily, we request applicants to submit their applications electronically via the service. However, you can also apply for this job by delivering your application to the Registry Office’s postal address. Both the application and the envelope must feature the ID number of the position applied for. The letter must be delivered by the end of the application period.

  • The Registry of Natural Resources Institute Finland

    The Registry of Natural Resources Institute Finland
    Latokartanonkaari 9
    00790 Helsinki, Finland

  • Organization

    Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organisation that builds sustainable future and well-being from renewable natural resources. Through research, we create value and solutions for our customers and society by solving local and global challenges.

    Being open-minded, curious, and having a strong will to make a positive impact in the world bind Luke people together. We value our diverse working community consisting of people with different backgrounds and cultures and promote equality. Sustainability is included in all our operations.


    You can work at one of our following locations

  • Helsinki
    Latokartanonkaari 9
    00790 Helsinki
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    Other information

    Other information related to the task

  • Other information about the job: The location is Helsinki or some other Luke location (to be agreed separately).
  • Employment group: Specialists
  • Remote work: Possibility to work remotely
  • About working remote: Mobile work is used at Luke. This means that work is performed where it suits best. Mobile work is only possible within Finland, and the practices of mobile work are agreed with the supervisor. We also meet regularly face-to-face.
  • Reason for a fixed-term job: Nature of work
  • Working time format: Office working hours
  • Trial period: A trial period is 6 months.
  • Basis of remuneration: The position is at complexity level 6 in Luke's salary system and the position-specific salary is EUR 2 944,19 per month. In addition, a salary component based on personal performance will be paid (max. 50% of the position-specific salary). A new employee's personal performance component depends on competence and experience and generally falls in the range of 15-20 %. The applicant may also present a separate salary request.
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